Posh Pawn at The Barn

If you have been watching the Channel 4 series, Posh Pawn, did you spot that some of it was filmed in The Barn at Bury Court? You would have to be quite eagle eyed to have noticed and also very familiar with The Barn walls!

The Thursday night series follows James Constantinou and his team from Prestige Pawnbrokers based in Weybridge, Surrey, who specialise in high end items from jewellery to cars and everything in between. Whilst it is fascinating to watch and try to guess the value of items, Barn spotting has also become quite an amusing factor too. All of the staff talking head interviews are in fact filmed in The Barn at Bury Court.

It is also quite interesting to see the valuable items, particularly jewellery, that people have tucked away in drawers, cupboards and attics, often having no idea of their true value. Unfortunately, with its vaulted roof, the Barn doesn’t actually have any attic space to discover any hidden treasures in.

For more information on Posh Pawn, take a look at Channel 4′s website by clicking here. If you watch the “S2-Ep3: Old School Dealings clip” you will spot the Barn.