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Thoughts of a Late Night Engraver – Tracey Sheppard, Art Inspired by Gardens Exhibitor

What a wonderful opportunity to indulge in combined passions! Digging the garden, drawing plants and persuading designs onto glass.

Preparing for “Art Inspired by Gardens” has been love of labour. It has provided the perfect excuse to peer very closely at plants, spotting spots and thorns, hairs and veins, stems and filaments, not forgetting leaves and petals and so many other marvels.

Wandering around gardens , wondering about gardens and attempting to express my delight in one or two of them by creating pieces which attempt to capture a little of their character.

 Along the way a touch of idiosyncratic humour has crept in, and I have played with words and imagery providing myself – if no-one else – with “shear delight”!

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