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Cakes, Glorious Cakes!

Besides the happy couple, whenever you go to a wedding, one thing people are always interested to see is the wedding cake. Whether it be a traditional tiered cake or a novelty shape, they are always centre stage and much admired.

Whilst you want the food at your wedding to look good enough to eat, sometimes cakes are such a work of art, it seems a shame to eat them. If you have ever watched the US TV show, “Ace of Cakes” though, you will know that cake decorators are more than happy for you to destroy the hours of work they have put into creating their masterpieces.

Even the simplest plain white wedding cake can be made to look stunning once decorated with real flowers. Two brides at Bury Court recently chose to do just that. The families supplied white iced cakes and Apothecary’s Flower Company decorated them in pink and white blooms to create very pretty, Spring wedding cakes.

In complete contrast, a wedding at Bury Court in May 2013 had a novelty wedding cake, in the shape of two luggage trunks stacked on top of each other. Made by Gift Heart Cakes, in Basingstoke, the whole cake was made of icing and included exceptional details, including the dimples in the leather.