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Art Inspired By Gardens Exhibitior Alison Ellen

From 2nd to 5th October, Bury Court Barn will host the “Art Inspired by Gardens” exhibition, which will showcase the work of seven artists/craftsmen who take their inspiration from gardens and translate their ideas in a variety of media.

Alison Ellen designs and produces hand-knitted clothing, dyeing her yarns for added colour and pattern. Her inspiration is often taken from colours formed by plant textures, layering to give rich, varied, subtle effects. She is currently really enjoying dyeing wool for this project: looking at the varied colours that go to build up the richness of flowers, and the amazing range of greens in leaf-colours, from grass green to bluey green and grey-green.

The other aspect of gardens she has been looking at is building materials: greys in paving, soft reds and terracotta bricks and pots, and the lovely combination of local ‘clunch’ stone used with brick edging at Bury Court. These are translated into jackets and jumpers with rich textures and patterns, building a collection through the summer ready for the exhibition in October.

For more information on Alison’s work, please visit her website: