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Art Inspired by Gardens Exhibitor Sally Scott

Sally Scott is a painter, lithographer and architectural glass engraver. The freedom of painting and the joy of colour are a perfect contrast to the rigorous discipline required in her glasswork.

Her paintings celebrate the beauty and colour that she finds from a large landscape to a single flower. Underlying all her work in whatever medium is a love of, and commitment to drawing.

All the paintings Sally will be showing at Bury Court this October are taken from her small London garden. The photo below shows work in progress on a 30 x 30 cms oil painting, she is building panels of paintings all this size to create an overall large screen, exploring colour relationships “Colours of my garden”.

The second photograph shows a set of three, the finished Tulips in the centre, so far she has 27 of these small canvasses which should add up to a riot of colour.