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Praktis Exhibition

Following on from the very successful 2016 Cultivate 8 exhibition, we are pleased to announce a new selling exhibition of contemporary craft from 11th to 14th October. Alongside the diverse range of superb work from leading makers there will be a programme of talks and demonstrations as part of Farnham’s craft month.

The 15 exhibitors are renowned craft practitioners in the fields of ceramics, wood, willow, jewellery and textiles who exhibit nationwide, and have come together to show pieces for sale or commission, and also to reveal their thinking, their inspiration and working methods in practical demonstrations and the illustrated talks during the exhibition.

The stages of the making process – the consideration, the preparation and the sheer repetition of creating something by hand, all play an equal part in the finished piece. Some crafts require physical strength, some minute concentration and others a fluidity of action, and in all cases it is the process of making items over and over again that encourages the maker to strive towards the realisation of the idea and come closer each time.

Ideas often take hours of work on paper or experimenting with materials before they are made. It is necessary to understand and learn from traditions, but for a contemporary maker to move forward requires having an idea that can push both the materials and the technique in a new direction: this can be extremely satisfying both for the maker and the observer, as it both respects but also questions what can be achieved with the materials and technique.

These exhibitors are constantly searching to develop their ideas, understanding and skills, and look forward to showing their work and methods in the welcoming setting of Bury Court Barn. For an insight into preparations for the show, see the event blog here:


Saturday October 13
10.30 Alison Ellen, textiles/knitting
11.30 Sarah Walton, ceramics
12.30 Julie Ayton, ceramics

Sunday October 14
10.30 Rich Miller, ceramics
11.30 Deirdre Wood, textiles/weaving
12.30 Ann Richards, textiles/weaving

There will also be demonstrations of working methods each day.